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Game Thread: Knicks at Pistons- 12/29/09


Evening, prairie dawgs. The Knicks are in Detroit tonight to visit the Pistons, a team they'll get to know over the next few weeks, with tonight's game and a home-and-home in January on the schedule. The Mighty Mighty Piss-tones have been hampered with injuries, and are riding a 7-game losing streak. The wounded have recovered, though, and Detroit will not be an easy out this evening.

Meanwhile, I'm out of MSG range and imprisoned by an internet connection that's too slow for League Pass Broadband, so I think I'm gonna make use of the other LP services and listen to tonight's game on THE RADIO. I know, right? The last time I listened to the Knicks on the radio, it was because my parents wouldn't let me do homework and watch TV at the same time. It should be a magical throwback experience. I'll need y'all to be my eyes out there.

Hit up the thread below to tell me what I'm missing, comment along, and generate enough good karma to build a new win streak. Also, don't forget to stop by Detroit Bad Boys, SBN's new Megazord of great Pistons blogs.

Get them W's.