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Game Thread: Knicks at Nets- 12/30/09

Greetings, barnacles. I'll make this quick. Fresh off a dominant win over the Pistons, the Knicks will look to make it two in a row in East Rutherford. The Nets are bottom-dwellers, but are perfectly capable of trapping/ambushing/devouring a team like New York. If the Knicks want to escape the swamp alive, they best bring it like they did last night.

I'm going to be in an out of touch tonight (and don't have a TV feed anyway), so if anybody's interested in recapping, get at me via comment or email. I'll be by the thread early on to join in the commenting, but the rest of y'all best keep it classy while I'm gone. Get them W's, Knickerbockers.

Tipoff's at 7:30. In the meantime, two points of discussion: 1. Does anybody else find the above video as terrifying as I do? 2. Who's your character in Mario Kart?