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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Blazers- 12/7/09


Evenin', piglets. The Knicks play the second of a back-to-back tonight, following yesterday's win over the Nets with an evening affair against the Portland Trailblazers. Portland's fallen on some hard luck lately, with Greg Oden's knee explosion punching holes in the Blazer depth chart and the hearts of fans everywhere. Even without Oden, though, Portland's a tough opponent for our Knicks. This match-up has blown a few of my fuses before, and the Blazers' abundance of competent scorers should pose problems for New York's notoriously permissive defense.

Because my professor feels he should punish us when he misses class, I will miss the entirety of tonight's game. If one of y'all (preferably someone literate) wants to pen a recap of the action, that would be marvelous. Otherwise, stop by this thread for comments, and check out Blazersedge to see the absolute height of sports blogging. There might not be a better team site on the internet.

Tipoff's at 7:30. Comment away.