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Knicks Set to Play Overseas

There were rumors this past year of a preseason Knicks trip to Milan, Italy: the city where Danilo Gallinari and Mike D'Anton honed their games. The unsure status of both Gallo's sore back and the economy, though, made the league think twice. The farthest the Knicks traveled this preseason was to the wild outback of Albany for an exhibition against the Nets. This coming fall should be a different story. From Berman's latest blog post:

The Knicks were informed last week they are tentatively headed to Paris and Milan in October to play two or three preseason games, according to an NBA official.

The Knicks would head to Europe on Oct. 1 and stay until Oct. 5. They are expected to play AC Milan and an NBA team. It is the first time the Knicks have gone overseas under the current NBA Europe format.

Excellent stuff, though I'm still holding out hope that training camp will return to Saratoga Springs this September. Either way, we can look forward to a week of global attention, games at odd hours, and the possibility that children in Europe might learn to do what Toney Douglas do.