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Game Thread: Knicks at Warriors- 2/10/09


WHAT UP GIRLS!? It's a thread, y'all. The Knicks-Warriors game isn't until 10:30 EST, but I figured I'd get this bitch up before dinner. We all remember the last time these two teams met: the Knick offense beasted upon a feeble Warrior D en route to a record-setting night at the Garden. Now, the Dubs still pay little mind to defense, but some things have changed. Monta Ellis is back in action and our beloved Jamal Crawford's blending into a squad that's actually playing decently of late. Don't forget that this is Al Harrington's not-so-triumphant return to a home crowd thirsting for blood. Why they're so pissed about coasting, fake injuries, and trade demands is beyond me. Everyone knows Al is human being 2.0 and gets buckets, god dammit.

Meanwhile, I'm interested to see how D'Antoni's rotation shapes up tonight. Will Gallo start again? Will he get a deserved minute bump?

Anyway- after a run of losses that culminated in one of the more painful and inexplicable sports moments I've ever experienced- tonight is a must-win. We need proof that the Knicks aren't a bunch of teases, and that they will get it done against sub-.500 opponents. This is not the time for a letdown game. Go Knicks.

Those of you st@yin up l8 best stop by and bring some comments. Also check out GSoM for the finest Warriors coverage planet earth has to offer.