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Warriors 144, Knicks 127


At some point last night Jared Jeffries put the ball on the floor and drove to the basket. With help defense approaching, Jared planted a foot and attempted a spin move. Though he probably had the right idea, Jared's size and lack of coordination forbade such a maneuver. Jared and basketball parted ways mid-spin. Nobody stripped him. The ball's inertia just carried it out of his possession.

Now, that may seem like a minor infraction in a game of much greater ugliness, but I think it's appropriate. See, last night's Knicks-Warriors game was really just a flesh and blood game of NBA Live with 12-minute quarters. Where else but Live does a big, awkward dude attempt a spin move, only to misplace the ball en route? That was just once incident in a real game that resembled the video game in more ways than one. We saw impenitent (though oddly accurate) three-point chucking, neglectful defense, carelessness with the ball, and, of course, ill-fated use of the Free Style stick.

With mounting injuries, the Knicks just didn't have the firepower to keep up with Golden State. 8 different Warriors reached double figures, while the only offensive Knicks were Lee, Nate, and Al Harrington (who responded to cascading boos by going shot-for-shot with Stephen Jackson). Quentin Richardson sat out with a bruised chest, Tim Thomas left at halftime with a strained groin, and Chris Duhon played on a troublesome sprained ankle. D'Antoni could've responded to diminished manpower by surrendering the footrace, slowing things down, and out-coaching Don Nelson. Instead, New York took their chances with a shootout and came up way short. They got out-rebounded, lost the free throw battle, and coughed up 16 turnovers (on 11 steals!) while only taking 8 in return. It was humiliating, and the excuses have now run dry.

It'll be the Clippers tonight. Could it possibly get uglier, or can the Knicks regain some sliver of competence before the All-Star break?