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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Spurs- 2/17/09


Welcome back, friends. Been a sec since we last spoke. Hope everybody had a pleasant All-Star break and Valentine's Day. To recap where we left off, remember that the Knicks are reeling from a six-game losing streak that most recently includes infuriating losses to Golden State and Los Angeles. The immediate future ain't sympathetic, though. The Spurs invade the Garden tonight, bringing a 17-9 road record with them. The good news is that Manu Ginobili won't play, but the Spurs still have Duncan, Parker, and (as a TKB commenter notes) the three-point shooting Roger Mason to light up the Knicks. Those of us who witnessed Steve (not a Jew) Novak's downtown explosion last week tremble in fear at what Mason can do.

Gametime's 7:30. Come on by for comments and Jackie Butler reminiscence (remember that time he ate a cheerleader!?), and make sure to check out Pounding the Rock for the world's best Spurs coverage.