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Trade Threadline '09

Rumors, rumors, rumors!!1

David Lee to the PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS for Sergio Rodriguez!

David Lee to the OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER for Chucky Atkins!

David Lee to the COLORADO 14ERS for Kentrell Gransberry!

David Lee to the ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS for Justin Upton and cash considerations!

David's Lee to the SAN FRANCISCO WARRIORS for Wilt Chamberlain and half a pound of Rice-a-Roni!

Darvid Lee to FLEETWOOD MAC for Mick Fleetwood and a lottery-protected pick in 2020!

Jarvis Dee to THE CIRCUS for a saucy clown!

Garth Zeeb to THE CHURLUT BUTTDOGS for Parka Picador and two jibs of quartz!

Snargle Beef to AMAGANSETT for a spigot, a widget, and two buckets to be named later!

Flavorspree to NORBOGINA for spacelegs arnd Travis Outlaw!

I'm in class pretty much all day, so make sure to keep up wih the news and please post back here if you see anything worthwhile. I'd bet the most we get is some Malik Rose-for-somebody-else's-Malik Rose deal, if that. Nothing more. I think us Darvin Squee fans can rest easy. Deadline's at 3 p.m. EST.