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BREAKING: Knicks Acquire Larry Hughes (Update: And Chris Wilcox?)

There may be more to this, but it seems the Knicks have acquired Larry Hughes from the Bulls in exchange for Jerome James, Tim Thomas, and Anthony Roberson. It's possible that another leg of this deal may be sending Malik Rose to OKC in exchange for Chris Wilcox. Hughes has never been a favorite, but the trade would cut some deadweight from the Knick roster- cleaning up roster space without increasing payroll. That deal for Wilcox would be much sweeter. He's a talented and more defensive big man with an expiring deal that could bolster the front line. More on this as it comes.

Thanks to solanumbrella for first posting this in the Fanposts.

UPDATE: The Wilcox deal is sounding official. Very nice.

I've gotta go to class for the next 80 minutes, so keep things up to date in the comments. I guess this has now become the deadline thread?

Update: The trade deadline has passed, and this appears to be the final tally:

OUT: Rose, Thomas, Roberson, James

IN: Wilcox, Hughes, and some roster space

I like it.