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Samb's the man?

I'm not in the business of presenting rumors as if they're fact (hence the "?"), but I have it from a pretty good source that the Knicks made some progress today in filling the open roster spots. That's right, a source.

Word has it New York sent home all of the D-Leaguers brought in to try out (a list of which can be seen here) with the exception of Cheikh Samb. Samb, a rail-thin big man from Senegal, played in a few games for the Nuggets this year. He can block a shot, but hasn't shown much else in a couple NBA stints. It is worth mentioning that all transactions will likely wait until after tomorrow's Stephon Marbury arbitration, and that other non-D-Leaguers (like Quincy Douby) might still be in the running. We'll see what happens. Just thought I'd pass along the information.