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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Magic- 2/25/09


Good evening, all. Tonight's game features the season's first matchup between the Orlando Magic and your New York Knicks. Orlando's fallen off slightly since losing Jameer Nelson, but still poses a threat with Knick-killer Rashard Lewis and omni-killer Dwight Howard. Expect Chris Wilcox to get his first serious minutes against Howard, who outweighs any other pair of Knicks, let alone individuals.

I'm not worried, though, because we're going undefeated from here on out. That's what happens when you get rid of Marbury, isn't it?

Come on by at 7:30 for a night of commenting and joy, and make sure to check out Third Quarter Collapse for all your Magical needs.

Note: Once again, let me remind everybody that, due to SBN's recent partnership with Yahoo!, we may be (hopefully) getting some new visitors this evening. For all you vets, be nice and let the new guys know how we do it here. For any newbies, be nice and feel free to join in the discussion.