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Game Thread: Knicks at Heat- 2/28/09


Why hello there. Came to watch some Knicks basketball, did you? Well, the Knicks are in Miami this evening to face the 30-27 Heat. Like New York, the Heat are a day removed from a bad loss, and have lost 3 of their last 5. The two teams haven't met since the first night of the season, when Zach Randolph and Jamal Crawford led the Knicks to a 1-0 record. Clearly, things have changed a little. In any event, Miami's got a little more inside presence than they once did with the addition of Jermaine O'Neal in the mix, so David Lee and friends will be tested once again on the boards and at the rim. Also, this Dwyane Wade guy they've got can ball I've heard. Kid might stick around in the league.

If you're watching the action or just wanna stay informed, come by for what Roger Ebert called "the commenting event of the year. 4 thumbs up", and check out Peninsula is Mightier for all I'd also like to open the pre-game comments to discussion on how much everybody hated the mid to late-90's Heat under Pat Riley. I'm talking about Hardaway, Mourning, Mashburn, Majerle, Lenard, and Ike Austin (their version of Reggie Evans). Oh, how I loathed them.

If this one turns out anything like last night's game, I might start game threads after the first quarter. Don't bring that weak shit again, Knicks. Win this one for Van Gundy.