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Nate in Sports Illustrated

Jon L. Wertheim's got a nice little profile on Nate Robinson in this week's Sports Illustrated. It's full of the sentiment expressed in this space and elsewhere- that Nate's more than a pocket-sized novelty these days. He's a legitimate player who's got much more to offer than just his flea-like leaping ability. Wertheim also includes a couple facts and stories you might not have heard, like this one:

Last year Robinson was playing Madden online against teammate Mardy Collins—since traded to the Clippers—and losing badly. Robinson paused the game, drove 10 minutes to Collins's home, barged through the door and unplugged Collins's console so the loss wouldn't count against his record.

Anyway, it's still refreshing to see the Knicks make any sort of positive headlines, and props to Nate for getting the star treatment. Hopefully he'll keep up his torrid play tonight against the Pistons. Check back for a game thread in an hour or three.