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Q-Rich Gives $1000, Wins Game

Excellent pick-up by Fanhouse's Matt Watson. Apparently, the Pistons held a telethon last night to raise money for a charity organization called Feed the Children in which fans gave money during every timeout. Taking notice from the Knick bench, Quentin Richardson quietly asked for a ballot at halftime and forked over a fat thousand bucks for the good cause. Says Watson:

This isn't the case of a professional athlete grandstanding for attention -- I learned of his donation through casual conversation with a Pistons employee, and when I asked Richardson about it after the game, I got the vibe he was surprised anyone had found out what he did. As he explained, though, the cause hit close to home.

"I worked with Feed The Children before, and I'm from a situation where my family wasn't rich or anything growing up," he said. "I know how much it means. And I know that I wasn't put in this position of wealth and money and all of that just for my family and myself, so whenever I get the opportunity I always try to help other people whichever way I can."

If you saw last night's game, you'll know that Q's karma payback arrived very promptly. Richardson made an appearance down the stretch to help lock down Richard Hamilton, then hit two huge OT jumpers to ice the game. Great night for Quentin and great catch by Watson.