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Hey, remember that time...

...Antonio Davis ran into the stands? I think we all remember where we were at the time. I was in my basement, baffled at how mellow the whole thing seemed, especially since I assumed we had an Auburn Hills-esque situation on our hands. Turns out Davis was just clearing up a disagreement between his notoriously confrontational wife, Kendra, and a fan who had apparently offended her. He got a five-game suspension, a little bit of publicity, and probably some raised eyebrows from friends, but otherwise no harm was done.

Now, here's what you didn't know, via Frank Isola:

You may remember Antonio running into the stands at the United Center in Chicago because he believed an unruly fan had touched his wife and threatened her. The fan in question was Michael Axelrod, the son of top Obama advisor David Axelrod who along with the President attended last week's Bulls-Wizards.

Kendra Davis wasn't messing with just anybody. Turns out this confrontation was more Hamilton-Burr than it was Artest-Beer Thrower. Anyway, props to Isola for scooping this one up. Forget the losing streak and the crumbling playoff push. This is the stuff I wanna hear.

Update: It should be noted that Isola wasn't exactly Sherlock Holmes in this case. It's a little cooler to mention now that Obama's president, but it's not exactly a discovery.