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Knicks After Courtney Sims?

With our season resigned to draft-watching and garbage time excitement, I've gotta say I'm a little more intrigued by prospects than, say, another poor defensive effort leading to a close loss. If last night's game against the Magic reminded us of anything, it's that the Knicks are direly in need of some shot-blocking. Aside from lucking into Hasheem Thabeet, there isn't much to be found in the upcoming draft. There are other outlets, though, and Tommy Dee has word that the Knicks may be pursuing D-League big man Courtney Sims. Though are some doubts about his physique and conditioning, Sims has beasted upon the D-League this year. Since Gallinari's gone, I don't see any harm in reeling in some young talent and using these last few meaningless games as an audition. It'd at least make things entertaining. One also wonders where the interest in Patrick Ewing, Jr. went...

Update from Ridiculous Upside:

If they're looking for a shot blocker though, they should stick with Cheikh Samb.  If they want a solid big man with good length, limited but effective post moves, a fadeaway jumper, and great D-League numbers, they should go with Sims.  This would be the perfect time to take a look at Patrick Ewing Jr., it'd seem, but after he recently sprained his MCL, that won't be able to happen for probably another two weeks at the earliest.