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Knicks Ditch Samb For Sims

P&T favorite Cheikh Samb is no more. The Knicks denied him a third 10-day contract, and are instead leaving the last seat on the bench for D-League big man Courtney Sims. You may know him (but probably don't):

Sims, 6-11, 245-pounds, was undrafted out of the University of Michigan and has played a total of 13 minutes in four NBA games with Indiana and Phoenix over the last two seasons. The Roslindale, MA-native was signed as a free agent by Indiana on Oct. 2, 2007 and played in three games last season with the Pacers before being waived on Dec. 19, 2007. Sims spent the remainder of the 2007-08 season and the beginning of this 2008-09 campaign with the NBA Development League’s Iowa Energy. He signed two 10-day contracts with the Phoenix Suns beginning on Jan. 20, 2009 and appeared in one game for the Suns this season.

The only thing P&T loves more than guys named "Cheikh" is guys named "Courtney". I said yesterday that these pretty much meaningless remaining weeks might as well serve as an audition for the young and unheralded, so this is good news. We have a new favorite Knick.

Here's more on Courtney if you're interested.