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Bad News For the World, Good News For Us

Getting to spend some time around the Knicks during training camp was one of the highlights of my blogging career, if not my whole li'l life. I had heard alternating rumors of the Knicks heading to Europe or returning to Saratoga Springs, but I think my current residence may have gained the edge. From (a disappointed) Marc Berman:

It's still a mystery why the NBA pulled the plug on the Knicks' Italy trip, other than their concerns about rookie Danilo Gallinari. He was hurt then, and hurt now.

The Knicks were to hold training camp there and play in Milan and Rome and effectively cancelled the first section of their prearranged preseason.schedule.

How is it the team from the most famous, most diversified city, visited by more Europeans than any other U.S. destination, still have not played in Europe? Instead, the Knicks were back to their original plan of holding training camp again in Saratoga Springs. As much as a I like the Spa, it ain't Italy.

While I can't guarantee the same level of access I was lucky enough to acheive last year, having training camp just a two-minute walk from where I currently sit gives me better odds than, you know, Italy. So, if you're more into hearing the Knicks answer childish questions than watching them ball overseas, you should be as excited as I am. Fingers crossed.