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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Clippers- 3/25/09


Happy Wednesday, everybody. What better way to spend the evening than watching two of the league's sorrier squads go head to head? This one has more intrigue than you'd expect. Don't forget that tonight marks Mardy Collins's return to the Garden. I anticipate Mardy striding to center court pre-game and pumping his fist for all to see. The cheers will grow to a roar until the entire capacity crowd is on its feet, shaking the building with their reverent clamor. This will continue for about 4 minutes, until Mardy returns to the Clipper huddle, only to be beckoned forth once again for an encore. It'll be a night to remember at "The House that Mardy Built".

Come on by if you're watching and don't forget to check out Clips Nation to read expert LAC coverage and to make fun of Steve for liking The Music Man. Not that I own the soundtrack or anything. Check ya later.