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This is ridiculous.

Those of us that watched the Knicks-Hornets game a couple nights ago (I have very little to say about last night's game against the Bobcats) witnessed a fourth quarter tiff between Nate Robinson and Chris Paul. Marc Berman (not the biggest Robinson fan) wonders if Nate may be hit with a suspension. From The NY Post (via TKB):

Early in the fourth Robinson (eight points) and Paul got into a scuffle that drew double technicals. The 5-foot-7½ powderkeg could be suspended for shoving referee Ken Mauer out of the way.

Here's the video of said incident:

Now, I'm surely biased on the matter, but the only thing that struck me at the time was how hard Mauer pushed Robinson. Instead of getting between the two, Mauer singled out Nate and shoved him out of the way, and Nate sort of shook him off. Berman's story is laced with Grade-A hate, and he doesn't provide any evidence that the league plans on reviewing this, but they certainly could. Granted, Robinson's got some history beefing with refs, but a suspension in this case would strike me as excessive. Am I wrong?

Update: Just read that James Posey is getting one game for playing dodgeball with the ref.