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Du Speaks His Mind

Marc Berman's piece today on Chris Duhon, while a little presumptuous, provides some answers to those of us wondering when and why Du lost his mojo.

"I'm happy with how the team battled the whole year," Duhon told The Post. "We had a lot of mishaps with trades where we had to start over. If we have a consistent team throughout next year, we'll be fine.

"It's tough going through a season, having to fit guys in, and then do it again."


"A lot of guys had been here for a while and were used to certain things," Duhon said. "I was the new guy and sat back to go with the flow. Next year I'll take more of a talkative role as being a leader on the team."

While part of me wants to dismiss what are essentially excuses for sub-par performance, I'm mostly relieved to hear Duhon acknowledge and reflect on his own trials. A look at his season reveals that Du's best months by far were December and January, or the calm period between trade storms. As a creature of habit myself, I can see why a steady, predictable environment would be the best atmosphere for success. It's tough for a self-professed general to lead a troop of shifting and interchangeable faces. Add in the irritating Marbury situation and a couple of nagging injuries, and Duhon's periods of malaise can be understood. The good news is that he's got another year on his deal- hopefully one of good health and stable surroundings- to back up his words and cement his place as a Knick. If New York wants some consistency from Du, maybe it'd be best to provide some in return. 09-10 could be a career-defining season for Chris Duhon.

(Tip of the hat to TKB).