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Jazz 112, Knicks 104

The Knicks wasted a great third quarter comeback tonight by squandering meaningful possessions down the stretch. Nothing new. They also wasted a loss by not letting Courtney Sims or Joe Crawford see the court. Also nothing new. Things of note:

- Al Harrington got called for a moving screen with about 30 seconds left, and responded by cursing the referee and most of his extended family. I'll need a lip-reader to prove this, but I'm almost positive that Al managed to spew every single profanity known to man in a matter of seconds. It was as triumphant an ejection one can have without actually causing bloodshed.

- Between Jamal Crawford before and Al Harrington now (above), the New York medical staff must be the chief supporters of the fading Bigass Band-Aid industry.

- Kyle Korver update: Still annoying.

- Jared Jeffries seriously upped his market value with tonight's 11 point, 5 rebound, 3 assist, 3 steal, 2 block performance. Jeffries is gradually cementing his place as the LeBron James of lottery-bound teams playing meaningless games. GM's everywhere are saying "when we tank next year, we need this guy to make it look like we're still trying!".

- I think D'Antoni might as well nip the Eddy Curry "showcase" in the bud and let the man relax. "Look! He didn't get a three-second violation!" isn't really going to tie up the lines with trade offers.

- Andrei Kirilenko apparently sprained his finger in the first half, and returned from the locker room freshly showered and wearing a powder blue suit. After having a boutonniere fastened to his lapel and slow-dancing to Enrique Iglesias's "Hero", Kirilenko was seen giving a "thumbs-up" while climbing into a stretch Lincoln Navigator.

- To whatever MSG producer it was that gave the green light to a shot of Scott Layden sitting sideline: Never, ever do that again. At least show a warning or something.

That is all. 8 games until we can start the mindless draft-salivating in earnest.