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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bobcats- 3/7/09


Good afternevening, children. I'm back home in one piece, and so, presumably are the Knicks. New York will take on Demon-Coach and the Charlotte Bobcats tonight at the Garden. This will mark the anti-Christ's second visit to the Garden this year. He was soundly vanquished in his last visit, and the Knicks have hopefully reserved enough firepower to slay his reincarnation. It's my first night back, and I may not be around for the thread, but I'll likely be watching. This one starts a little run of very important games against 8th-seed competitors. The upcoming stretch may make or break the Knicks' playoff hopes, so tonight matters. Stop by for comments and make sure to check out the brilliantly named Rufus On Fire for all your Cats' coverage. In the meantime, enjoy the weather and behave your little selves.