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Isiah Thomas Accepts Head Coaching Position

Don't worry, it's somewhere else.

Former New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas has accepted Florida International's offer to coach its basketball team, a source close to the situation told's Andy Katz.

An official announcement is expected later Tuesday. Thomas' representative was in South Florida to finalize the deal, the source said.

A source said Thomas was intrigued by FIU's location in South Florida, its growing football program and the size of its student body (more than 30,000). The source said Thomas was looking for a fresh place to start and that, despite other previous NBA and college opportunities, this is the one that finally piqued Thomas' interest.

Isiah's got two years left on his contract with the Knicks, but I would assume that plans have been made to relieve him of his duties. It's nice for both the Knicks and Isiah to finally severe ties in what has been a tumultuous relationship. It'll be nice for Thomas to have a chance to regenerate some respect from the basketball community out of the public eye. Just because he faltered on one of the biggest stages in sports doesn't mean he can't coach or judge talent. Like a couple other Knick personas before him, we wish him the best but are deeply thankful that he's gone.