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What To Expect

So, Knicks season is done. Over the next few days, players will clean out their lockers and, for the most part, disappear until training camp. No Knicks doesn't mean no P&T, though, and this is the post in which I urge you to stick around all summer. Here's what to expect from Posting and Toasting in the coming months:

- The next few weeks are going to be pretty light. I'll be watching all the playoff games and posting daily threads for us to discuss them. There will likely also be some season recap posts: reflection, handing out awards, and the like. That said, my finals are coming up and time will be short, so it may be a little slow around here.

- Starting as soon as I have time, we will begin profiling upcoming draft prospects. You guys, who are dispersed all around the country, are encouraged to write up posts about prospects with whom you are especially familiar.

- Mouhamed Sene's birthday is May 12th. Expect festivities.

- The draft lottery is May 19th. We will make a big deal out of this.

- The draft itself is June 25th. We will make a bigger deal out of this.

- Sometime in late June/early July, decisions will have to be made regarding David Lee, Nate Robinson, and other Knick free agents. We will cover free agency closely, and probably cry a lot.

- The Vegas Summer League is usually in mid-July. We treat summer league games just like normal games, only they're more fun.

- Danilo Gallinari turns 21 on August 8th. That promises to be interesting.

- The dog days of summer are host to some of P&T's greatest ventures. I'm thinking about a "'90s Week" this year, in which anybody who is so inclined can share stories, memories, etc. from the magical 1990s. We could also do '70s week or whatever...I just get the feeling that this site appears to a certain, you know, demographic.

- I'm open to any and all ideas for community-wide projects. The point is that I spend the entire season talking at you guys (and saying very little), but most of you are smarter and funnier than me and deserve a stage to be heard. I can't guarantee much of an audience, but I promise I'll read anything you write.

In short, stick around. P&T stays classy throughout the playoffs and offseason, and it'll be even better if there are voices besides mine.