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Playoff Thread: 4/19/09

Yesterday, Derrick Rose did God's work, LeBron toyed with the Pistons, the Mavs made a statement, and Channing Frye made his playoff debut. What magic will today hold?

Utah at Los Angeles- 3:00

Philadelphia at Orlando- 5:30

Miami at Atlanta- 8:00

New Orleans at Denver- 10:30

Those two late series should be superb. Having Wade and Josh Smith on the same court is a treat, but don't neglect the Hornets-Nugs matchup. The fight possibilities are astounding. On one side, you've got Nene, Melo, J.R. Smith, Kenyon Martin, Chris Andersen, and Renaldo Balkman. The sheer number of temperamental, unpredictable weirdos makes this a must-watch. On the other you've got James Posey, David West, and...Ryan Bowen. Alright, so the Hornets don't have as many psychos. Chris Paul does get testy, though. I guarantee some bad blood in this one, and couldn't be more excited.