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Tuesday Giant Bushy-Tailed Cloud Rats

Good afternoon, sweet children. How about some li'l links 'n' things, eh?

- Courtney Sims was re-signed today to a second 10-day contract. Maybe he'll actually play this time, but I'm dubious about that.

- In the article I linked earlier, Berman gives three hits and three misses from Donnie Walsh's first year as Knicks GM. The good news? Of the misses, one is over (Marbury situation) one could change for the better(the Gallinari situation), and one really doesn't matter in the scheme of things (the deadline deals).

- From the Duke basketball team's Youtube page, "cribs" with Chris Duhon!

Leave it to Chris to have the most boring celebrity house ever. I didn't even see a stripper pole on the kitchen counter. At least he has cool dogs.

- D-League point guard Will Conroy, who some think deserved a Knick tryout, has high praise for Danilo Gallinari, his former teammate in Milan.

- Shoals rank these Knicks among the year's non-stories:

There's a new culture there, and people take this organization seriously now, but this isn't the Suns. This isn't a legit playoff team. It's a mediocre team with a lot of upside, with brains behind it that have proven they know how to put together something worth expending word count on. For now, the Knicks are neither appalling nor appealing, and for that city, this is a minor miracle. In fact, them being a non-story might be a major story in itself.

- Wilson Chandler thinks you should watch The Fugitive. And here I was thinking he only liked movies with Allan Houston in them.

- David Thorpe's got a new thing up on ESPN on which veterans each NBA rookie can learn from. Danilo Gallinari's role model is Paul Millsap:

Millsap seems to play every game like he's still upset about being a second-round draft pick. He does the tough stuff for the Jazz -- boards, defense, hustle, screens -- and is also a better offensive player than he's given credit for.

Gallinari, on the other hand, was a heralded young pro in Europe and the first draft pick of the Walsh-D'Antoni era. In an offense that craves bigs with skills, the sharp-shooting forward can be more than just an outside threat if he puts his mind to it. Studying a guy like Millsap can help him reach those higher levels of play.

I'm off to play pool with Chris Duhon. Catch you later.