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Recent events have the Knicks looking Spain-ward, and for good reason. Two superb Spanish prospects are making the local headlines. One we all know, the other is a relatively new name to those of us out of the loop.

The first big announcement is that Ricky Rubio will be up for grabs in this year's NBA Draft. Rubio is the 6'4'', 18 year-old point guard from Barcelona whose been playing professional basketball since he left the womb and inducing basketboners all the while. It's easy to see how Rubio could flourish in a D'Antoni offense, as well in a city thirsty for a marketable star. Buying the kid out of his contract with DKV Joventut would probably be a detour in the 2010 plans, but my novice opinion is that it would be worth it. If the Knicks luck into a top pick, I'm 100% on board with cashing in on Ricky. Donnie Walsh sorely needs leadership and star accountability on his roster, and this seems like the surest shot. Also, I'd request that his New York jersey, just like his current one, say "Ricky" on the back. That's badass.

Alas, odds are Walsh will be drafting around the 8th spot this year. That won't necessarily stop him from raiding the Spanish talent pool, though. Carlos Cabezas is a 28 year-old veteran playing for the club Unicaja whose point guard skills might fill the Knicks' void if the draft cannot. He looks solid enough, and gets votes of approval from his compatriots. So, there's always that. Signing Cabezas wouldn't be nearly as much of a coup as landing Rubio (like settling for grave robbery instead of kidnapping), but he'd probably suffice. An abundance of fresh jokes revolving around the fact that his last name translates to "head" wouldn't hurt, either. Not that our Gallinari-related "cock" jokes were getting old or anything.

The upshot is that Donnie Walsh is looking for a point guard, and he's traveling across the land, searching far and wide. It'll take a heady, ballsy leader for the Knicks to understand the power that's inside, and I'm glad Donnie recognizes that. Gotta catch 'em all.