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D'Antoniball in London?

Mike D'Antoni was an assistant coach on Mike Krzyzewski's staff when the USA Olympic team won the gold in Beijing last year. According to Coach K's comments in The Daily News, The Moustachioed One may eventually take the reigns:

Mike Krzyzewski helped the U.S. men's team redeem itself and grab a gold medal in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, but he says it's still too early to commit to the 2012 Games in London.

If he doesn't commit, that could open the door for Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni, an assistant to Coach K last summer, to be named the head coach for 2012.

"I don't want to say who I think would be good (for the job), but Mike D'Antoni is a great friend and was huge in us winning the gold medal," said Krzyzewski, who was at the NBA Store on Fifth Ave. yesterday, signing copies of his new book, "The Gold Standard," which describes his Olympic experience and was written with his daughter Jamie K. Spatola. "He's really a genius, especially offensively. A lot of ideas we had on the offensive end of the court were Mike's.

Though the Knicks would lose their coach for a summer, this is an exciting notion. Having your favorite team run by the man entrusted to represent America in the world arena is promising. D'Antoniball in the London Olympics would also be fantastic to watch. I'll skip the tasteless three-point bombing/fire-bombing joke, but you get the picture. Oops. I'll also skip the useless "could this attract LeBron?" speculation here, but you catch my drift there too. I also won't bother writing a conclusion for this post, but you know...