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Gallinari Ready For Surgery

The date has been set for Danilo Gallinari to have surgery on his troublesome back. We get word from the NY Post that Gallo's got an April 7th appointment with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Patrick O'Leary for a laminotomy. According to Dr. Wikford Pedia, that means he'll have part of the "lamina of the verterbral arch removed" to "decompress the corresponding spinal cord and/or spinal nerve root". Sounds gross. Looks gross, too:


The good news is that Gallo's expected to be fully recovered within 2 months, which would give him plenty of time to get back in shape and prepare for his sophomore season. With luck, we'll get 100% of Danilo next year. If this year's glimpses are any indicator, the Rooster's crow won't disappoint. I'm sold that, if healthy, our boy's got star potential. Anybody dubious about that?