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Knicks vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv: The Sequel

The Knicks last played a foreign squad two years ago, when they trounced Vonteego Cummings and Maccabi Tel Aviv (and tore us apart inside). Well, word has it they'll be back for another shot:

The team announced Wednesday that it will play the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Clippers in October.

Both games will benefit the Migdal Ohr organization, which provides shelter and education for thousands of abused, impoverished and orphaned children in Israel.

MTA's still got some names you'll recognize. Carlos Arroyo and Dee Brown both get minutes, while Israeli star Lior Eliyahu (whose rights are held by the Rockets, I think) still leads the team. Anyway, this will be something to look forward to in October. Though it's a preseason game, you can bet it'll be more about winning than exhibition. Anticipate a game thread and a simultaneous falafel thread when the time comes.