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Raptors 102, Knicks 95

Late-game execution did the Knicks in once again as they failed to hit the 30-win mark once again against Toronto. New York is now mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, for those of you still planning to hijack the Bucks' team plane or something. I'll share what notes I have.

- First of all, maybe the highlight of today is this hilarious bit from the Yahoo! recap:

"The circus is in town, and it caused an inconvenient arrival at Madison Square Garden for the Raptors. They couldn’t use their usual entrance into the arena, with police telling them it was blocked off because of the elephants and to come back in an hour. The Raptors found an alternate route, but then couldn’t get off the elevator on the floor they wanted because that’s where the lions were."

Now that would've been an interesting line: "Jose Calderon- DNP: Consumed by lion".

- In the second quarter, a conversation between Walt Frazier and Al Trautwig revealed that Clyde once had a circular bed with a mirrored ceiling above it. Trautwig's comparison to Austin Powers was spot-on. If Walt ever pens a tell-all autobiography, P&T will have an official holy scripture. Maybe an official kama sutra, too.

- Those of you doing more reasonable things than watching a late-season matchup between two lottery-bound teams missed Nate Robinson's new haircut, an orange and white-striped mohawk. Looks like a furry creamsicle. That phrase just gave me the chills.

- MSG played footage of the recent Knicks Bowl 10, including Jared Jeffries totally whiffing a spare opportunity with a gutterball. In case you thought Jared's accuracy issues were limited to basketball.

- Chris Duhon and Al Harrington each had 22 points on 8-14 shooting.

- Andrea Bargnani kills the Knicks on offense, and blocks shots (4 tonight) as well. An all-Italian Gallinari/Bargnani frontcourt would probably fail, but let a man dream.

The Knicks play the Raptors again tomorrow night, at the equally inconvenient time of 6 p.m. Get psyched.