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Danilo Gallinari checks in.

Danilo Gallinari updated his blog with comments on his recent back surgery. Unless you speak Italian, it's not all that entertaining. Have no fear, though. Someone at The Knicks Blog (Tommy? Tommy's bilingual pet chinchilla? turned Danilo's words into English for us. As translations usually are, it's hilarious. A sample:

my dad and doctor (A woman…) had lots of fun when i woke up because i was clearly under anaesthetics effect …i was singing and talking only in english (a huge smile here…) hahaha …then i may have done a statement of love (love declaration) to the doctor (like i said, a woman…hihi) and to the chairman donnie walsh ..haha only showtime!!

Someone needs to make the username "statement of love" right away. Anyway, good to know Danilo's feeling well and stuff. I'll be back with some links and such on the morrow.