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Chris Mullin's unemployed, but maybe not for long.

Chris Mullin is dunzo in Golden State, and there's plenty of reason to speculate that he'll one day join the Knicks as Donnie Walsh's general manager. Mullin's a Brooklyn guy with a St. John's education, so there's the hometown angle. He also spent three fruitful years playing for Walsh in Indiana. Oh, and he famously took in Donnie's exiles when the post-brawl Pacers needed an image overhaul (and assembled one of the most exciting playoff teams of all time, but I digress). The point is Chris Mullin's already got NY ties galore. I wouldn't be surprised if he's bros with A-Rod or something.

I'm not the only one speculatin'. Smarter people also foresee an interview coming this summer, and when Hahn's buying the story, so are we. Meanwhile, I'm not sure how I feel about Mullin running the Knicks, especially under Walsh. C-Mull (too soon?) butted heads with management and coaches in Oakland, and while Don Nelson is much more of a handful than Mike D'Antoni is, the two do share a certain obstinance about their personnel. And if I my memory's correct, Walsh had problems of his own with Larry Bird in Indiana. All that aside, I'd happily take a meddlesome Mullin over, say, Billy King any day of the week. Even Thursday.

As always, this is mere rumor, but if Donnie Walsh is serious about hiring and grooming an heir, there's plenty of reason to believe Chris Mullin will get a call. Is there any reason to embrace or condemn this possibility that I'm missing? Speak up in the comments. Before you do so, I present this (4:08) and this for your consideration.