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Happy Birthday Mouhamed Sene!

Knick legend Mouhamed Sene turns the big 2-3 today, and we'd be foolish not to pay our regards. P&T wishes Mouhamed the happiest of B-days. Sene's seven-day, single-game Knick career was full of highs and lows, but on this special occasion, let's celebrate the best of times. It seems like just yesterday that he was a bubbly 22 year-old, gleefully rejecting Net scrubs with his forearms. We'll never forget the improbable and-one, the triumphant fist pump, or the animated argument with Dick Bavetta that we desperately wish we had tape of. One game, so many memories. Today, we party in the name of Sene.

My birthday present for "Mou" is a Ben Wallace inflatable defender, only with his face and name on it! What's yours?

Also, this is kind of awkward, but please don't tell Cheikh Samb about the party. There's only room for one ten-day terror. Sorry, Cheikh.