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Stephen Curry Speaks

None of us ever really believed that Donnie Walsh was making "promises" to prospects this early in the summer, but there's reason to believe the Knicks have interest in Stephen Curry. With that in mind, I present this interview from The Baseline, the new Sporting News blog that features blogstars like Chris Littmann and Bethlehem Shoals.

So, unless he's a hell of a bluffer, I think the remaining conspiracy theorists should now be convinced that absolutely no promises have yet been exchanged between the Knicks and Stephen Curry. What strikes me, though, is something I tend to neglect in the age of Youtube and tremendous upside potential: Curry's a smart cookie. He's clearly got a good grip on what he brings to the table, but also some of the nerve needed to guide a team like Davidson into the tournament. After watching Chris Duhon (who was hurt, to be fair) mope around and pass on open layups for the second half of the year, those qualities go a long way in my mind. I expect the Knicks to go small in this year's draft, and we shouldn't underestimate the inner balance needed to be an effective NBA guard. Just watch what Rajon Rondo's doing right now with Boston. Skinny little punks can make it big. It just takes some cunning and sensibility in the spotlight. And that guy can't even shoot.

You may now return to your regularly-scheduled Rubio-gazing.