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Nate Robinson to Guest Star in Comedy Show

I occasionally get opportunities to promote events and stuff, but usually skip them, because I don't really think that's what I'm here for. I'm here to provide you gems like this and occasionally talk about the Knicks. Anyway, I'm going to buck my own trend and let you guys know about something going on next week because, for one, it sounds fairly splendid, and for two, I'll be attending. Dig:

Nate 'The Great' Robinson will be making a special guest star appearance at the next 12 ANGRY MASCOTS show at Comix Comedy Club, May 20th at 10 PM.

12 Angry Mascots is NYC's only sports-themed comedy variety show, featuring sports-related stand-up, sketch, and a guest interview with an athlete. Nate will be our interview guest for this show. Giants all-pro left tackle Dave Diehl will also be taking the stage as a sketch actor. Everyone's excited about, especially Nate who apparently has become good friends with Will Ferrell in the past year, and is looking to break into the entertainment/comedy world.

Here's the webpage for the event. So, to recap, it's a bunch of comedians, David Diehl, and Mr. Nate Robinson himself in a variety show of sorts. Plus, I'll be there. What's not to like? I can also vouch that Comix is a fine establishment. I saw Aziz Ansari there a few months back and can assure you that the place is comfortable and accessible, and has very nice bathrooms. If you're interested, tickets are only 10 bucks in advance. So, if you're free next Wednesday, grab a ticket, stop by the show, and let me know you're coming so I can bring my ninja turtles and we can battle. Shotty Raphael.