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Mockmongling- 5/21/09

Once every little while until the draft, I'll take a survey of as many respectable NBA mock drafts as I can find, see what they're projecting for the Knicks, and report the results in this space. The whole exercise is sort of silly, but don't forget that some of mocks were on the right track at this time last year, and almost all of them had Donnie Walsh figured out by draft night. So, without further ado, let's mongle:

Ridiculous Upside: Ty Lawson

Draft Express: Demar Derozan Stephen Curry Ty Lawson

The Baseline: Demar Derozan

Hoops Hype: Demar Derozan

Inside Hoops: Stephen Curry

Alan Hahn: Stephen Curry

Ian Thomsen: Demar Derozan

Chad Ford: Stephen Curry

Skeets: Stephen Curry

Ziller: Jordan Hill

Just like last year, nearly all the mocks have narrowed it down to three guys right after the lottery. The consensus is that the Knicks will go for a guard, though whether they're looking for more of a facilitator or a scorer remains to be seen. Meanwhile, Tom Ziller just has to muddy everything by picking Jordan Hill. We'll chalk it up to post-lottery delirium and move on. Nothing to see here.

Draft season, y'all!