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Wednesday Tuco-Tucos


Good morrow, all. Before I head out for the day, I thought I'd link you to some of the bigger stories in Knicks world, as well as open up a thread in which to discuss last night's playoff game. Here we are:

- Chris at TKB makes the case that the Knicks are in dire need of shot-blocking if they ever want to contend. Is Mouhamed Sene the answer? God I hope so. If not, who else is out there?

- Having cap space and some sort of direction works wonders: "According to Scott O'Neil, MSG President of Sports Teams, the Knicks have sold 950 new season-ticket packages since mid-April. That number is shocking considering all of last offseason, the Knicks totaled 1,000 new season-ticket packages."

- Anybody think the Cavs can still pull it off? Anybody rooting for the Magic? I'm not, but that's mostly because my obsessive-compulsive relationship with basketball forbids me from embracing an incomplete team. No Jameer Nelson, no dice. I hate injuries. AHHHHH!!!!!

- Speaking of which, if and when the Cavaliers are eliminated, expect the LeBron-to-New York talks to resurface in earnest. Between that and the above quote about budding season ticket sales, I wish there was some document we could sign that says "I was here back in the Shandon Anderson era". I fear an influx of clucking bandwagon fans if LeBron ever makes his way to the Big Apple. Not a bad problem to have, but yikes.

- It always tickles me when NBA players follow the rest of the league closely. Wilson Chandler is clearly paying attention to the playoffs.

- David Crockett of Knickerblogger has the Knicks taking Ty Lawson in his post-lottery mock draft.

- I'm shaking in my goldfish boots over the forthcoming FreeDarko book that tackles basketball history from the FD gang's delightfully sideways perspective. Gotta figure that Walt Frazier gets the treatment, no?

- Alan Hahn revisits the Cuttino Mobley situation following a critical Outside the Lines piece.

That'll be all, my little children. Have splendid little days, you all.