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Friday Tamaraws

More mammals!? Unprecedented! (Probably not.) Anyway, the internet's got plenty more to offer, so let's take another spin around the web to see what's what.

- Alan Hahn ponders Ty Lawson in a recent blog post and reminds us not to underestimate his winning pedigree.

The biggest thing he showed this season is he's a winner. The Knicks need to collect as many of those as they can. Lawson led the Heels to the championship and, as I've said here many times about him (including last year before he decided not to enter the draft), his team goes as he goes. When he was healthy, the Heels were one of the best teams in the country. When he was injured, they weren't. Period.

Hahn also gets the scoop that Lawson should be in for a Knick workout the week after next. His agent says June 9th.

- If Donnie Walsh is hungry for any second round picks, Kevin Pritchard might be able to help. Kid's horded four second-rounders and is famous for swapping picks like Pokémon cards. Remember, though, that if any trade is to include Nate Robinson or David Lee, it will have to be consummated after free agency begins on July 1st. Just because Walsh doesn't make any draft day trades doesn't mean he'll be short on rookies come training camp. I'm still on board with signing Lee at the very least, but wouldn't be surprised if he and/or Robinson find themselves in the Portland frontcourt next season.

- Speaking of Nate Robinson, how about the fact that he's second to only Al Harrington in "selfishness rating"? Also, what's a selfishness rating? (Tip of the hat to the BF kids.)

- Jonny Flynn would apparently love to be a Knick. Reps from Flynn's camp tell me he actually just loves Gray's Papaya.

- In his ways the Knicks can "survive the next eighteen months", Will Leitch includes the following:

But you have to give fans some reason to come to the Garden next year, and McGrady — whose Rockets ascended to new heights once he had season-ending surgery — needs to get out of Houston, where he has worn out his welcome. He’s also a free agent after this season, meaning his contract wouldn’t impact the 2010 salary cap. Hughes and Mobley’s contracts might do it. Houston loses the guy they’re ready to see leave, the Knicks sell some tickets, and the LeBron 2010 plan is not jeopardized. Even if McGrady isn’t 100 percent healthy (and he probably won’t be), at least it’ll look like the Knicks are trying.

I get the motivation, and Leitch is far, far smarter than I am, but I'm thinking that the Knick fans who've been coming to the Garden since 2000 don't need Tracy McGrady to entice them back. Don't forget that we once settled for Shandon Anderson and Howard Eisley.

That's all I got for now, brethren. I'm about to go for an early morning ball before I head to work. Everybody have a great day, and if you see this guy, gently remind him that he owes me money.