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Houston to Play Lottery

From The Post's Marc Berman, we get word that Allan Houston will represent the Knicks at this year's NBA draft lottery on May 19th. Berman mentions that the lottery falls very close to the anniversary of one of Houston's luckiest moments:

Ten years ago, Allan Houston hit one of the most memorable -- and luckiest -- game-winning shots in Knicks' history to oust the Heat from the playoffs during their run to the Finals.

Three days after the 10th anniversary of "The Shot," Houston will try to bring more luck to a franchise amid the least prosperous period in its history.

The Post has learned Houston has been tabbed to sit on the dais in Secaucus, to represent the Knicks in the May 19 lottery that will determine their draft order. Houston sat on the dais in 2003 during the LeBron James Lottery and the Knicks landed the No. 9 pick, which they used on bust Michael Sweetney.

First of all, was Mouhamed Sene busy? I'm gonna need an explanation on that one. You would think a guy who hit half of his shots and 100% of his free throws as a Knick would get the nod in games of luck, but I digress. Houston's a good choice, not only for the cosmic relevance of his heroics a decade ago, but because the man owes us. His massive extension was one of the first turns towards salary cap oblivion, and started the trend of making bank to ride the bench. That said, Allan's a nice dude, and all will be forgiven if he delivers me Ricky Rubio this summer. Please.