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Is Hasheem Thabeet worth chasing?

I've been arguing with myself over this. Some combination of instinct and draft frenzy tells me that one of the many guard prospects- Curry, Lawson, Flynn, ♥Rubio♥- would serve the Knicks best. I have a feeling, though, that Seth circa January would have had his sights set on a different player entirely. New York desperately needs a shot-blocking big man, and Hasheem Thabeet is the shot-blocking big man in this year's draft. He's gigantic, hard-working, and, most importantly, has very little respect for opposing slashers. Click that last link and watch the video. How many times have you seen a Knick do what Jeff Adrien did on that play? How nice would it be to have a final line of defense after David Lee waves his cape and lets someone by?

Some might say that Thabeet's lack of offensive polish would be forbidding in the D'Antoni system. I say the opposite. Especially if David Lee sticks around, a starting center candidate need only provide the Knicks with the three d's- defense, dunks, and dancing. Thabeet would bring all three, believe me. D'Antoni's offense has never really called for a traditional back-to-the-basket big man, so Thabeet's raw post moves aren't a pressing issue. With his size and defensive skills, some opportune catching and dunking on the offensive end would probably suffice.

I know that it would take a trade to get Hasheem Thabeet. I know that you draft for skill, not size. I know that Chris Duhon probably isn't the answer at point guard. I just need you to remind me of these things in the comments so I can go back to salivating over point guards. Or is Thabeet worth chasing?

Some YouTubez to supplement your brainstorming: A nice li'l mix (with creative choice of music!) and an interview (he definitely resembles Mutombo in at least one regard).