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Jennings, Evans Headline Monday Workout

Via Alan Hahn, we get the lineup for today's Knicks workout. Pray for a press conference. Brandon Jennings and Tyreke Evans will join Gonzaga's Austin Daye, UConn's Craig Austrie, and Louisville's Earl Clark for an audition in Westchester. I fully expect the NY press focus to turn decidedly towards Jennings following a workout and some words from the point guard prospect. For better or worse, he's the type to thrive in the New York spotlight. Jennings has oodles of swag and certainly doesn't mince words.

Tyreke Evans won't make headlines at the podium, but expect the buzz to build up for him as well. He's big and athletic, and can already finish like an NBA player. I take him for a weirder Jrue Holiday. Meanwhile, I didn't see much of Earl Clark in college, but he's the type that might catch on with a team in the mid-lottery. Given that he plays the only position at which New York is stocked and stable, I'd expect Walsh to look elsewhere on draft night. But you never know.

As soon as the guys in attendance start filing their reports, I'll let you know. In the meantime, I should probably mention that I've been convinced to do this Twitter thing for real. I've had an account for months, but had previously just set it up to update whenever I posted at P&T. No more. Now you can follow my every thought and bowel movement throughout my waking hours (I'm still a little embarassed about the ones that come after my waking hours). If you're so inclined, this is me.