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Workout Words- 6/16/09

Jordan Hill had a solo workout for the Knicks today, and managed to score a lunch date with Walsh and D'Antoni as well. I'm still at a loss as to what an individual run proves for a defense/rebounding type, but I may have underestimated the appeal of Hill in orange and blue. From Zagsblog, via TKB:

"I can’t say that they really want me but I’m just going to keep going out there and working hard," he told an intimate group of reporters. "If they do want me, I think I’m a good pick for them. We just got to see how they feel about me."


"If draft day comes and goes and he’s on their roster, it’s a very good day for the Knicks," one NBA GM who has spoken recently to Walsh told the Post. "He rebounds, defends, scores, and the key is he can run. Bigs that can run is a requisite in [D'Antoni's] way of playing."


"I fit real good," he said. "I like to run up and down the court. With Chris Duhon on the point, he’s a pass first guard, so that’s a good thing. [D'Antoni] was the coach with Amare Stoudemire, so we’ll see."

Everybody and their mother wants to play D'Antoniball, but I have faith that Hill means it. He also seems like a cool, intelligent guy, which counts for something in my book. I don't quite believe that Walsh has his sights set on Hill over Stephen Curry, but if the Knicks do intend to go big, this chap may be the only option. And hey, drafting a slender big man from Arizona at the 8 spot has worked before, right? Eh.

Speaking of Mr. Curry, the sharpshooter is reneging on his decision to end workouts, and will head to Sacramento for a shot at being picked fourth. Perhaps we all should have kept our mouths shut. Such is the draft, I suppose. If Curry goes early, someone else will fall. More draft fun tomorrow, y'all.