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"The Eddy Curry Show", or The Time We Thought Eddy Curry's House Was Haunted by a Phantom Rock Band

Let me see if I can explain what just happened. I'll try and do it chronologically.

June 17, 2009- A little after 10 p.m.: Followers of Eddy Curry's twitter page were treated to this post:

"Broadcasting live now! See me at".

Those who clicked quickly enough managed to catch Eddy setting up a camera, then immediately departing. Those of us who arrived a little later saw only a shot of a wall with a small, framed abstract painting on it.

Probably confused at the live stream of an empty room, the vast majority of the nearly 100 people left the video feed. Curry soon explained his disappearance with the following:

"To everybody that's on ustream. We went to see hangover. We will be back on in 2 hrs".

I still don't understand why Eddy chose to catch a movie (one that he'd already seen, as you'll know if you're a regular reader of his page) immediately after going through the trouble to organize streaming video. Nor can I explain his decision to leave the camera live while he and his friends were gone. A few of us assembled at P&T and began commenting on this bizarre turn of events, leaving the video feed of nothing up in the background. Only it wasn't nothing.

No, instead, viewers of the so-called "Eddy Curry Show" were treated to the most irregular, terrifying violin sounds known to man. The intermittent noises eventually grew into a series of full-fledged rock concerts by absolutely horrendous bands, complete with occasional ear-splitting sound checks. The audio went bonkers while the picture remained pretty much still. Baffled, I sent a tweet Eddy's way:

If you're at The Hangover, then who's that creepy silhouette playing a creepy keyboard in your house!!??

(I originally thought that someone was playing a keyboard. Also, the shadow on the wall looked eerily like a human figure.) Not long after, Eddy responded to me, presumably from his seat in the movie theater:

yo. Nate said the same thing. I hope its the tv. Lol

The three of us commenting along at P&T (myself, Barnesgasm, and jayvb) thought no such thing, though.  We were getting stir crazy. The music was coming from that picture on the wall, we thought. The thread on the topic is essentially a joint diary of our descent into utter madness. Some comments:

"i’m really glad that there’s other people commenting along with me, because otherwise i’d be convinced i had just smoked some sort of boring, yet highly hallucinogenic drug"- Barnesgasm

"i think the picture is a picture of a guitar. i can see the strings, and there’s a hand like object over the fretboard.
prepare for another sentence that will never be said, thought, or typed again
i think the music is coming out of that haunted picture of something that looks like a guitar on eddy curry’s wall"- Barnesgasm

"well im terrified. and really confused. noone is going to believe me tomorrow."- jaybv

At this point, only a dozen people or so were watching the webcam. I sincerely wish they could've joined our little support group, because we were in bad shape. Thankfully, around two hours after he initiated this horror house of an evening, Curry tweeted that he was "headed home". Sure enough, a few minutes later, Curry and some bros, one of whom was J.R. Smith, entered the room. For the next hour, we were treated to the following:

- Curry, Smith and friends reciting and cracking up about lines from The Hangover.

- Curry realizing that some other window with streaming video had popped up in his absence, which explained the spotty, maddening music playing over the feed. We all secretly knew it was coming from his computer all along, but things get crazy when you've been staring at the same wall with a picture on it for two hours.

- Smith being repeatedly licked and bitten by Curry's pet bulldog.

- Curry's phone running out of battery.

- Curry and Smith reacting to nasty comments and racy pictures sent by viewers (now up to over 100 at times) of the stream.

- Smith playing 20 second clips of a number of songs on his laptop, except for the the New Boyz' "You're a Jerk", which he played for about 10 minutes straight.

Then, at 1:44 a.m. on June 18, 2009, Eddy Curry said he was leaving and the feed went black. And so ended what turned out to be a nearly four-hour ordeal that seriously tested the mettle of late-night P&T users. All told, we learned that Eddy Curry's house, despite all the signs of paranormal presence, is probably not haunted. We also learned that NBA players and their friends do pretty much the same inane things that you and I do, only with more online romantic advances from random strangers. It was a surreal, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I'd like to thank Barnes, jay, and the other few of you that stopped by throughout the night. I'd also like to thank Eddy Curry, J.R. Smith, and all their friends for giving us such an odd, voyeuristic distraction on a Wednesday night. Here's hoping "The Eddy Curry Show" gets picked up for a second episode.