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Walsh Considering Oakley? Best. Idea. Ever.

Here's one for the "immediate, unwavering approval" file. Via the magnificent Disciples of Clyde, this tidbit at the end of a Peter Vescey article is a rumor for the ages:

Meanwhile, Charles Oakley is under consideration by Walsh to help big men get down and dirty at the defensive end. Does that mean the Knicks president is unhappy with how easy and how often opponents scored last season? My second question is, how do you teach bringing intimidation and intensity to work every time you get on the court? Oakley also was contacted by Portland officials who suspect it might be good for the team's health if a trace of his brutish attitude rubbed off on Greg Oden.

Disciple Ken wonders what might become of Danilo Gallinari under Oak's tutelage. I picture a 6'11'' Rocky Marciano with three-point range. Hiring Oakley is an especially good idea if the Knicks plan to resign David Lee. Come to think of it, this is unconditionally the best idea I've ever heard. There's no way of knowing how plausible this scenario is, but I really hope Vescey's on point. To celebrate the mere possibility, go buy this.

Update: While we're at it, watch this.