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Chandler Considering Surgery

From the Post, we get word that Wilson Chandler may go under the knife at some point this summer:

Chandler played in all 82 games in his second year in the NBA and was planning on playing for the Knicks in the summer league starting July 10 in Las Vegas. But ankle surgery would keep him sidelined for six weeks.

A Knicks official confirmed Chandler has bone-spur issues and is considering surgery, but no date has been set for the procedure.

I guess we might as well count our blessings that Wilson managed to play the whole season despite his ankle issues, and should be ready to go come training camp. Given Chandler's progress, I'm not too worried about his skipping out on summer league. It's not like he's going to be fighting for minutes come next season. We know Wil can play.

For what it's worth, Chandler himself has made no mention of possible surgery (although "Today is not going well as I though it would... Damn!" could be the response to a recent diagnosis, I guess).

Update: It's today.