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Mockmongling- 6/20/09

I understand that mock drafts are pretty much futile at this point, since we're likely to see a dizzying number of draft night trades. The Knicks could very well end up with Hasheem Thabeet, three KFC franchises, and the first 6 picks of the 2048 interplanetary draft when it's all said and done. But hey, mock drafts are fun/terrifying, so let's take a look at what the best ones are predicting for our Knicks, shall we? Refer to the first installation of this feature to get a better sense of the changing draft landscape. I'll try to hit the same mocks, but might add and omit certain ones depending on how recently they were updated. 

Ridiculous Upside: Jrue Holiday (Disclosure: I made this pick. Jroops.)

DraftExpress: Jrue Holiday Brandon Jennings Ty Lawson

HoopsHype: Jrue Holiday

InsideHoops: Jonny Flynn

Ian Thomsen: Stephen Curry

HoopsWorld: Jordan Hill, Jordan Hill, Jonny Flynn, Jrue Holiday (Four separate writers.)

DimeMag: Stephen Curry

RotoTimes: Jonny Flynn (But they predict a trade for Curry)

Chicago Daily Herald: Jonny Flynn Stephen Curry

Fox Sports: Brandon Jennings

Ziller at the Fanhouse: Stephen Curry

NBC Sports: Tyreke Evans

And there it is. Curry's rising stock has actually made for less of a consensus as the 25th draws near. If there's anything that can be gleaned from this mess, it's that almost nobody really buys the "Donnie Walsh is so hard for Jordan Hill! We're totally drafting a big man!" vibes thrust upon us by certain media. The upshot is that this draft is going to be a god-forsaken circus. Outside of Griffin, each of these prospects is either the basketball messiah or a drooling, overgrown toddler, depending on where you look. Like I said, with so much upheaval expected, mock drafts aren't too informative. It's reassuring, though, to see that the experts are as mixed up about this as we are.