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Monday Hispid Hares


Good afternoon, y'all. I was away from my computer for the night, and things got a little nuts during that intermission. I figure I'll just attack all the new stories at once.

- First of all, Jrue Holiday is getting a second look today. Holiday's competition isn't quite as illustrious as his first workout, but Miami's Jack McClinton and Gonzaga's Josh Heytvelt are both of interest, should the Knicks happen upon a second round pick.

- Speaking of which, Holiday was my pick in the Ball Don't Lie mock draft. My hastily-written bit should be up there soon. I'm much more intrigued by Holiday than I once was. It's really going to take something wild to disappoint me on Thursday, because each of the prospects is so enticing.

- It doesn't sound like the Knicks will get a chance to work out Ricky Rubio, but at least having a word with him would be nice.

- Tommy Dee reports that Donnie Walsh might not be leaning towards trading up on Thursday. In a way, I worry a lot about trading up. There's so little certainty after the first pick. If you make an effort to jump into the top five and don't end up with the best player available, you're gonna look like an even bigger assface in retrospect.

- Also from TKB, a look at the Vegas summer league schedule. I'm not necessarily gonna be around to cover all of those games, so let me know over the next few weeks if you have any interest in doing the game notes for one.

- Jared Jeffries or Larry Hughes for Mike James and Etan Thomas (both expiring)? Where do I sign up? I've grown to appreciate Jeffries more than I once did, but it's reassuring to hear that, at the very least, he's drawing interest from around the league (Hahn mentions passed-over deals with Toronto and Sacto as well). Dumping JJ's contract would be a coup. WE NEED-A SPACE.

- At the end of this other Hahn post, notice that Danilo Gallinari is nearly ready to hit the court again. Given how little Gallo got to spin last year, we're sort of looking at two rookies this a way. Kinda.

- That snoofy little bunny wabbit up top is among the rarest animals on earth, so watch your damn step.

Three days 'til draft day, friends. Anybody else terrified?