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Tuesday Baikal Seals


Good evening, urrybody. Two days 'til draft day. Let's hit the links.

- First of all, today's big story (via BDL) was another installment of "The Eddy Curry Show" that I MISSED. Inside Hoops has the report on an episode that apparently included Eddy and J.R. getting pulled over by a cop. I'm once again baffled at Eddy's dogged insistence on streaming live video at inappropriate times. Leaving the house for two hours? No matter, just roll the camera. Getting accosted by police in a car? Find an internet connection and STREAM IT. Utterly amazing. I may need to stop sleeping entirely to be able to catch all these episodes.

- Here's some news that's breaking as I write this: Via TKB, word that Minnesota may have whisked away Washington's #5 pick before Donnie Walsh could.

- The previous link may render this one moot, but Chris Alvino at TKB still makes a few solid points about Wilson Chandler's value. As much as I love Chandler, it's worth acknowledging that he plays the same position as Gallinari and Harrington (and a certain big-name free agent). He's awesome but replaceable, at least on paper.

- I can't read this because I'm not a tool insider, but Quentin Richardson apparently chose Stephen Curry in ESPN's player mock draft. I'd be interested to see who Chris Duhon would pick.

- I mentioned yesterday that having a healthy Danilo Gallinari next year (knock on wood) would be a little like having an additional rookie, given his limited exposure last season. Well, Henry Abbott agrees, and adds that Eddy Curry might be headed for a bit of a renaissance himself.

- Baikal seals inhabit a lake in the middle of Siberia (how the hell they got there is anyone's guess), and are the only strictly freshwater seals on earth.

- In case you thought there was any certainty about the Knicks on draft night, observe the following screenshot I took from Google News today:

Either Donnie Walsh is cross-eyed or everybody's full of shit.

- Anybody planning on checking out Steve Nash's charity soccer game tomorrow? Comment or pitch me an email if so. I'd love the chance to meet any of you. Except you. You know who you are.

That's it for now, snitches. Keep your eyes peeled for another "Curry Show" episode. We need some sort of bat signal for this.